Mesocentrotus Franciscanus

Pacific Red Sea Urchin

Harvest Season

Pacific Red Sea Urchin Roe are one of the most sought Seafood found along the BC Coast. Our sea urchin roe is harvested in the South BC Coast (Vancouver Island), North BC Coast (Prince Rupert), and Haida Gwaii, depending on the time of the season. Each urchin is individually hand-picked by our skilled and experienced divers. Raw Sea Urchin roe offers an exceptionally natural sweet and ocean salty flavor that can only be achieved from fresh caught seafood. Originally consumed in Japan, the popularity of BC Sea Urchin Roe has exploded to all across Asia and is reaching new markets every year. Sushi aficionados agree that uni is an essential part of any sushi experience, and BC uni sushi is as good as it gets!

(A-Grade): Bright gold, yellow or orange colour. Creamy yet firm texture. Fresh ocean scent and ocean-sweet taste. Uni pieces are large and complete intact. This is exceptionally high-grade uni for use in top-quality sushi.

(B-Grade): Gold, yellow or orange colour but less brilliant than A-Grade. Creamy yet firm texture. Uni pieces are smaller but primarily intact. Fresh ocean scent and ocean-sweet taste. Used for sushi and other dishes as the featured item.

(C-Grade): Dark yellow or orange or even tending toward brown in colour. Melty texture and slightly nutty flavor. Uni sections may be intact but are mostly broken pieces. C-Grade can be used in dishes where it is mixed with other ingredients, such as soups and sauces.

  • Mesocentrotus Franciscanus
  • Live Whole Round Fresh Roe, Grades A, B, C, 110 grams 5 Hole Plastic Tray, 200 grams 10-Hole Plastic Tray, Block Frozen Off-Grade
  • North Coast: Prince Rupert, Queen Charlotte Island, South Coast: Vancouver Island
  • Diving, Hand picked

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