Merluccius Productus

Pacific Hake

Harvest Season

The Pacific hake is a lean Fin fish that is metallic silver-gray in colour with black speckling and a pure silvery-white belly. Pacific hake has a taste similar to cod although the flesh is somewhat softer, with smaller flakes when cooked. Good quality hake can stand up to frying or saucing, and is frequently used in soups or stews.

This slim fish with large eyes and a slim “wrist” ahead of the tail is typically 50 centimetres (20 inches) long and weighs up to 1 kilogram (2 pounds).

  • Merluccius productus
  • Whole round, Headed/Gutted/Tail off
  • 100/300 gram, 300/500 gram, 500+ gram
  • Mid Water Trawl
  • Block, Shatter Pack, IQF

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