Exporting Fine Seafood Around The World Since 1979

Sung Fish Company Ltd.
Sustainable seafood from Vancouver, BC

Sung Fish values quality and responsibility and thus, is in strict compliance of all mandatory health and export licenses, including European standards, Canadian federal regulations, provincial regulations, and FDA. Our exports now proudly reach markets around the globe.

Sea Urchin offers an exceptionally natural sweet and ocean salty flavour.

Soft with a small flake and a popular white fish as it tastes similar to cod.

It is prized for its firm texture and especially delicate, sweet flavour.

Wild caught pacific salmon is a highly valued premium seafood product.

Pacific Pollock is among the most ubiquitous of pacific ground fish.

The Albacore Tuna is best for its high oil content, Omega-3 fatty acids.

Reaching markets around the globe
Our Featured Products This Season
Pacific Red Sea Urchin

Red sea urchins are colourful creatures, varying between a uniform red and dark burgundy, that crawl slowly over the sea bottom using their spines as stilts.

Product Forms Available
  • Fresh 5-Hole 110 Gram Plastic Trays
  • Grades Available: A,B,C
  • Block Frozen Off-Grade
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Pacific Hake

Pacific hake is a lean Fin fish that is metallic silver-gray in colour with black speckling and a pure silvery-white belly.

Product Forms Available
  • 10 KG Block Frozen HGT
  • 10 KG Block Frozen Whole Round


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Sea Urchin is Harvested, from October to April

Sea Urchin offers an exceptionally natural sweet and ocean salty flavour that can only be achieved from fresh caught seafood.

Our sea urchin roe is harvested in the South BC Coast (Vancouver Island), North BC Coast (Prince Rupert), and Haida Gwaii, depending on the time of the season.

Product Details
Sung Fish Company Ltd. was founded in 1979 by the current president, Sung Kim.

Sustainable, Fresh Seafood from Vancouver, BC. Our strict adherence to employ only sustainable fishing practices in highly regulated fisheries fosters our accountability to our natural environment.

Following the core values, Truthful to Quality and Committed to Sustainability, Sung Fish Company Ltd. has developed strong relationships with customers and suppliers, both domestically and abroad.

Exporting fine seafood around the world since 1979.

With only a small team of processing plant workers and fishermen, Kim pioneered the export of red sea urchin roe and live Geoduck out of a small plant near the waterfront of Vancouver, BC. From this humble operation, Sung Fish eventually expanded into a 14,000 square foot, state-of-the-art seafood processing facility.

Sung Kim

President at Sung Fish Company Ltd.